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Education is one of the most effective agents of change in society. When a child is able to go to school, he or she sets off a cycle of positive change. But, thousands of children in India lack access to education and can’t even write their own names. Moreover, underprivileged children between the ages of 8 to 11 years are hugely vulnerable to dropping out of schools. As children grow, they are able to make better choices for themselves and influence the communities they live in. This transforms their present life and ensures a secure future for them. Migration due to lack of employment opportunities is one of the main problem in Bihar and the menial jobs available do not pay enough to meet their needs. Approx. 4.42 million people from Bihar migrate every year to various states of India and that migration has actually gone up. So, we also provide livelihood programmes for parents to enable them to earn a steady income to support their children’s education. We support school-going children from vulnerable families affected by flood by providing study materials, arranging special coaching programs, sharing course fees and encouraging children to enrol in vocational and professional education.
The health of our children reflects on the health of our future as a nation. Primary healthcare access is a basic requirement and everyone must pitch in to make this dream a realization. Our foundation in Bihar is taking steady and strong steps in the direction of making children in unfortunate situation learn and practice better health measures. Our NGO organizes regular health check- up camps and has partnered with various other charities for children for aiding children on a larger scale in Bihar. Children belonging to low income homes in India do not get any vaccinations or medication for various diseases, as our organisation provides basic medicines to them. Our ultimate goal is aimed at preserving life, preventing and alleviating suffering and strengthening resilient communities affected by any kind of disaster including slow onset.
In today’s technology driven world, computer education had become equally, if not more essential than traditional education (degrees).Thus, students from small towns and villages lose out on employment opportunities despite having good academic records, due to lack of computer knowledge. To empower the society Akhil Bhartiya Majdoor Shiksha Sewa Samiti provides free computer education to hundreds of unprivileged children in Bihar. Our computer learning centre achieve exceptional academic performance, similar to private computer training institutes but with no costs to the students. All computers at our centre are donated by our generous donors. Apart from computer experts, our selfless volunteers make sure that each child gets the best knowledge about computers. Every child at our computer learning centre is taught in a friendly manner.
Community Radio gives a voice to the community they serve with programmes in local languages, respecting local culture, traditions and interests. On air, ordinary citizens discuss issues that are central to them; they share farming tips and income generation ideas and explore ways to improve education. It is often that a frequently missing ‘guidepost’ in development work is local voice and hence community radios provide profound new opportunities for more inclusive sustainable development. Akhil Bhartiya Majdoor Shiksha Sewa Samiti is planning to launch the community radio as soon as possible so that poor and marginalized communities use communications to improve their lives.
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